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Our publications include in-depth investigations of individual human rights violations, research reports on patterns of human rights violations both locally and nationally, policy papers, data summaries, and briefing papers on developments in the human rights situation in Yemen.

Incident Report 9 – Deaths in Detention

The report, developed with Justice4Yemen Pact coalition members including AMA and SAM, reveals a significant increase in civilian deaths in Yemen’s detention facilities. Cases like Al- Hakimi’s death during Ramadan 2024 highlight the lack of transparency and accountability. Other cases, like Kamel and Abdullah Taleb detained by government forces, and

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Incident: Drone Attack on Al-Sharjah Village

On Tuesday, 24 January 2023, local news outlets and social media accounts reported a likely drone strike in the Al-Sharjah area, located in the Al-Jarahi District southeast of Al Hudaydah Governorate. The attack resulted in the deaths of three children—two girls from the same family and a boy—and injured another

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