We stand for human rights in Yemen.

The Justice 4 Yemen pact represents a coalition of Yemeni human rights organizations that have come together under the values of equality, justice, nondiscrimination, and respect for human dignity to advocate for human rights in Yemen. The coalition works to report on violations, analyze trends and patterns, identify perpetrators, and drive justice and accountability.


Together for a Peaceful and Just Yemen

The Justice 4 Yemen Pact represents a coalition of human rights organizations and civil society actors that are united for the promotion and protection of human rights in Yemen. The coalition’s mission is to advocate for the rights of all Yemeni people, particularly those who are most vulnerable and marginalized.


Reports, investigations, and other writing produced by coalition members.

Our publications include in-depth investigations of individual human rights violations, research reports on patterns of human rights violations both locally and nationally, policy papers, data summaries, and briefing papers on developments in the human rights situation in Yemen.

Childhood Interrupted

The Houthis have received considerable media coverage and international condemnation for their systematic recruitment of child soldiers during the Yemen war. Among other strategies, the

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Violations Against Journalists by Type, 2015-2022