Sexual Violence and Threatening the Child’s Family

(A), 14

May 1, 2022

Al-Mowasalat Street, Al-Mahweet City

One of the supervisors of the Houthi group in Al-Mahweet City, called Abdul Karim Abdullah Al
Fadl, nicknamed “Abu Abdullah”

The child’s family reported to the city police, but due to the threats it received from people
associated with the Houthi group, the family stopped demanding that the perpetrators be held

Considering the violation committed by people who influence the Houthi group in the city of Al
Mahweet, and refusing to hold the perpetrators accountable by influencing the security authorities

(A) and his family were displaced from the city of Haradh in Hajjah governorate due to the conflict there, to Al Mahweet city in 2016, and he lived with his family in one of the displacement camps in the city. The perpetrator took advantage of the child’s situation, and lured him to one of the buildings he owned in the neighborhood, threatened the child with weapons, and then raped him, while the child resisted to prevent his rape, to no avail. child’s brother says, “Abu Abdullah,” the mobilization supervisor at the Medina district, lured (A), under the pretext of handing him humanitarian aid and brought him into an apartment he owned, then raped him by force. At nightfall, (A) returned home crying and told me what happened to him. We took him to the Republican Hospital in the city, and after a medical examination, it was found that there had been a severe tear in his rectum.

The victim’s brother added, “After that, I went directly to the Criminal Investigation Department in the city to report what happened to “A” and one of the investigators filed my complaint to return to follow up on the case on the second day. On the second day, he added, I received a call from one of the officers in the Criminal Investigation Department and asked me to come. When I came to him, he ordered me to drop the complaint and he would settle the case amicably. When I refused, they threatened me if I did not drop the complaint or if I told others what happened to me. After three days, they gave me fifty thousand riyals and forced me to drop the case.

The victim’s brother says, “The perpetrator took advantage of his friendship with the criminal investigation officer to threaten and intimidate me because I am a displaced person in the city and I have no power and they forced me to give up the complaint and bury the case.”

Recommendations: The Houthi group must hold the perpetrator, who is one of its supervisors in the city of al Mahweet, accountable and bring him to justice. It must also rehabilitate the child psychologically and socially, ensure reparation to him and his family, and redress the harm that befell them.