Joint Statement for the International Children’s Day

On this World Children’s Day, the Just4Yemen Pact Coalition stands united with 43 local and international organizations, collectively addressing the critical situation faced by Yemeni children and raising our collective voice in their defense.

Today, we, the undersigned organizations, urgently call upon the conflicting parties and the international community to prioritize the rights and well-being of Yemeni children in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Parties to the conflict should immediately cease all violations against children, including killing and maiming, child recruitment, sexual violence, abductions, and obstruction of access to humanitarian aid. They must refrain from attacks on and military use of hospitals and educational facilities. The international community should end impunity for violations perpetrated by the warring parties, engage local civil society organizations and victims of human rights violations, and advocate for the establishment of an international accountability mechanism to investigate all human rights violations in Yemen, including grave violations against children, to ensure accountability.

Let us reaffirm our commitment to ensuring a brighter future for Yemeni children. By acting together, we can bring about positive change. #Justice4YemeniChildren #Justice4Yemen #ChildrensRights.

An Arabic copy can be found at:

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