J4YP Coalition Members Voice Urgent Human Rights Concerns for the 46th Session of the Working Group on Yemen

The members of the Justice4Yemen Coalition (J4YP) are united in their unwavering commitment to address the urgent human rights situation in Yemen. The statements below from coalition members are intended to highlight critical issues and underscore the need for international intervention to interrupt patterns of grave human rights violations and ensure redress and accountability for Yemeni victims. The voices within this coalition represent a diverse array of Yemeni human rights organizations from every part of the country. J4YP members carry the weight of the plight of the Yemeni people and urge participants in Yemen’s 4th UPR review cycle to prioritize a comprehensive plan of action for justice, accountability, and a sustainable path to peace for Yemenis after nearly a decade of conflict.

Ending Gender-Based Violence and Protecting WHRDs

“We urge the international community to decisively address human rights violations and eradicate gender-based violence. We believe that this should also be achieved through the protection of women human rights defenders and women peace activists, safeguarding them from organized targeting by conflict parties to ensure equality, justice for all, and the attainment of sustainable peace.”

Abha Ba’awiadha, Al-Amal Women’s and Sociocultural Foundation (AWS)

Protecting Yemen’s Children

“Six grave violations are still being committed against children by parties involved in the conflict in Yemen, particularly the Houthi group. We urge the international community to actively intervene by exerting pressure on the conflicting parties in Yemen to promptly cease child-related violations, institute accountability measures for the perpetrators, pursue justice, ensure comprehensive compensation for the victims, and incorporate justice for children into any forthcoming peace negotiations in Yemen.”

Mutahar Al-Bathiji, Executive Director, Yemeni Coalition to Monitor Human Rights Violations (YCMHRV)

Strengthening Global Accountability for Lasting Peace

“Since the outbreak of the conflict in Yemen, it has become clear that the national justice system lacks the capacity and willingness to investigate human rights violations and deliver justice, especially for marginalized groups and victims of the conflict. It is crucial to strengthen international accountability mechanisms and uphold human rights to ensure lasting peace.”

Akram Alshwafi, Director, Watch for Human Rights

Strengthening National Protection Mechanisms

“I call for the reinforcement and alignment of protection mechanisms for girls and women in accordance with national legislation, while emphasizing the necessity for accountability and justice for perpetrators.”

Anjila Sultan, Director, Center for Strategic Studies to Support Women and Children (CSWC)

Empowering Local Human Rights Organizations

“I call for standing with and supporting local human rights organizations to enhance their capabilities in monitoring and documentation to reach the highest international standards. It is crucial to foster collaborative efforts between civil society and the international community, with the goal of impartially safeguarding individuals’ lives and countering human rights violations through coordinated actions and open dialogue. Emphasizing the role of civil society in future consultations is now more necessary than ever, serving as a vital component for accountability and the prevention of impunity.”

Tawfik Al-Hamidi, Director, SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties.

Defending Yemen’s Freedom of Expression

“The freedom of expression in Yemen has suffered severe violations over the past nine years, especially since the commencement of the brutal war. Journalists, activists, and human rights defenders have faced a multitude of atrocities, from killings, assassinations, and kidnappings to arbitrary arrests and torture. It is crucial for us to join forces in safeguarding freedom of expression, guaranteeing journalists the right to report facts and disseminate accurate information to the public. Furthermore, human rights defenders must be shielded from risks, enabling them to support victims and document violations, including those against press freedom.”

Wajdi Al-Salemi, an award-winning investigative journalist, Director of Free Media Center for Investigative Journalism

Mothers to Be Reunited with Abducted Children

“As members of the Abductees’ Mothers Association, we value the ongoing efforts to bring peace to Yemen, emphasizing justice for all, accountability for victims, and the joy of reuniting mothers with their kidnapped children. We also call and support initiatives aimed at protecting human rights defenders.”

Amat Al-Salam Al-Hajj, Director, Abductees’ Mothers Association (AMA)

Call for Independent Yemen Inquiry

“We urge an investigation into human rights violations in Yemen and highlight the critical need for an independent international commission of inquiry. Our deep concern is fueled by escalating reports of violations, particularly attacks on civilians and infrastructure. We call on the international community to reconsider establishing a comprehensive and unbiased investigation, emphasizing the necessity of transparency to attain justice, peace, and stability in the region.”

Mahdi Balghith President, Musaala Organization for human rights

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