Children Mutilated by the Explosion of an Anti-Personnel Landmine, Which Led to the Amputation of Her Right Hand and Leg

(S), 14

Monday, February 13, 2023

Al-Hali District, Kilo 7, Hodeidah City

According to the victim’s father, the Houthi group is responsible for planting mines in that area
under the supervision of the officer in charge of the military area there, nicknamed “Abu Ali”

The explosion of the mine left the girl with a mobility disability

Mines are the most common hazard that affects children, and it is one among many other means
that kill and maim children during the armed conflict in Yemen.

“Rasd Coalition” interviewed the father of the child and two witnesses from the area, and obtained a picture of the victim after she was injured. Her father says that his daughter was looking for empty water bottles near City Max in the Kilo 7 area, to sell them to help with the house expenses, when a mine exploded and amputated her right hand and leg. She could not practice her normal life, and he added that all this was because of the Houthi group, which randomly planted mines.

Recommendations: The Houthi group should stop planting mines and shall remove all the mines they planted while ensuring the treatment and compensation of the girl child.