Attacks on Schools and Disrupting Teaching, and Using it for Sectarian Propaganda and Combat Mobilization

Students of Khawla Elementary and Secondary School for Girls

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Al Sharqi area, Al Mahweet City

the school administration and the director of the Education Office in the city of Al-Mahweet, Malik Al-Shahezi, and the head of the women’s body of the Ansar Allah movement in Al-Mahweet, Dirhaman Muhammad Al-Haimi.

Disrupting the teaching for one day and forcing them to attend an event related to the Houthi

the attacks on schools, especially girls’ schools, are not limited to areas that witness armed fighting but rather extend to areas that have not been affected by any battles, such as Al-Mahweet governorate, and it suggests the desire to target schools and disrupt the educational process in favor of ideas specific to the parties to the conflict.

“Rasd Coalition” listened to three testimonies from the residents of the area. (M), an educator, said that the director of the Education Office in Al-Mahweet City arrived with the head of the Ansar Allah Women’s Authority in the governorate on Tuesday morning to Khawla Bint Al-Azwar School, which includes more than (400 students), who came to the school from various villages and organized an event for what they called the anniversary of the birth of Fatima Al-Zahraa, and he added that the event continued from after the morning queue at eight in the morning until the time of the end of the schooling at noon.
Witness (H), added that the event included many mobilizing speeches, including calling female students to urge their male family members to join the fighting fronts. The witness said that the organizers of the event used armed women who know the “Zainabiyyat” to prevent the students from entering the classrooms and forced them to repeat Houthi movement chant. They called on them to donate in favor of the fronts, and the speeches included incitement against those who oppose the group’s ideology.
The website of the Ansar Allah movement published the news of the event, which the website described as a celebration of the birth anniversary of Fatima Al-Zahraa, which comes within the programs of rooting the “faith identity” as part of field visits carried out by the Education Office in Al-Mahweet and the Women’s Cultural Authority, which targets girls’ schools, according to the website

Recommendations: The Houthi movement should spare schools, especially girls’ schools, all forms of targeting and disruption of schooling, and prevent celebrating special events in schools or using them for mobilization and combat mobilization.