Continuous Death

A Human Rights Report from Musaala from January 2019 to March 2024

This report surveyed 60 cases of violations that varied between targeting civilians, whether by aerial bombardment, ground bombardment, direct targeting, arrest, enforced disappearance and torture, in addition to violations related to public and private property, whether by destruction, bombing or looting, which occurred between January 2019 and March 2024. These violations which were monitored by the field research team in Musaala organization and verified by visiting the places of incidents of violations, interviewing victims and witnesses and examining medical reports.

The figures collected and verified by the field research team reveal nine cases of targeting civilians, including four cases of aerial bombardment, two cases of ground bombardment and three cases of direct targeting, including one case of extrajudicial killing.

The responsibility in two cases of aerial bombardment falls on the Arab Coalition, which killed seven people, including four children, and injured another seven individual including a child. These two incidents occurred before the UN truce took effect in early April 2022. The responsibility also falls in two cases of aerial bombardment and two cases of ground bombardment, and two cases of direct targeting on Ansar Allah group (Houthis), in which the number of victims in this various shelling was two killed, including a child, and 13 people were injured, including a child, in addition to a case of extrajudicial killing, for which the responsibility falls on “Amalika Forces” and “Mihwar Saba Forces”.

The field research team was also able to monitor and document 11 cases of mine explosion or remnants of war that led to the death of six individuals, including one child, in addition to the injury of 14 others, including six children and two women. The responsibility of planting those mines falls on the Ansar Allah Houthis Group. The figures documented by the team show 21 cases of arrest and enforced disappearance committed by all parties to the conflict in Marib. The responsibility lies in 14 cases of arrest on the security and military authorities in Marib Governorate, including four cases that occurred on women. The responsibility also falls in three cases on the “Amalikah forces” and the “Mihwar Saba Forces” in the Harib district, which fall within the forces of the legitimate government, in addition to four cases whose arrest and disappearance are the responsibility of Ansar Allah (Houthis).

The report monitors 11 cases of attacks and destruction of public and private property, whether by ground bombardment, aerial bombardment, or bombing, eight cases in which the destruction occurred completely, of which six cases the Ansar Allah group (Houthis) are responsible. Herein details about the building: A school, one health center and four houses, in addition to one case of complete destruction of a citizen’s house in Harib.

The responsibility for destroying it falls on the Arab coalition forces, and another house’s destruction responsibility falls on the legitimate government forces in the Marib al-Wadi district. A number of three cases of partial destruction were also documented, two of which the legitimate government forces are responsible, and one case on the Ansar Allah group (Houthis) in Harib District.

The report also included the documentation of four cases of child recruitment, including one case for which the legitimate government is responsible, and three cases of recruitment and one case of looting of Madghal hospital, for which Ansar Allah (Houthis) found responsible, and two cases of marriage of minors and one case of assault and suspension from work, for which the legitimate government forces are responsible.

During the reporting period, Musaala Organization documented the most prominent patterns of human rights violations committed by all conflicting parties in Yemen, the victims of which were civilians. In this report, Musaala Organization reviewed patterns of attacks that affected a group of fundamental rights and freedoms, which were selected and presented in this report to ensure diversity in these patterns, the alleged perpetrators, and the importance and impact of these patterns and facts. It is important to note here that these violations are not inclusive, but they are what the field team was able to reach, and the organization was able to verify and analyze according to the available capabilities.

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