Abduction, Enforced Disappearance, and Torture

(J), 16

Friday, October 16, 2020

Sheikh Othman, Aden

Al-Basateen Police Station led by Musleh Al-Dharhani, then the victim was transferred to Bir Ahmed
prison, which is under the control of the Security Belt forces in Aden.

The child is still under enforced disappearance, his family is not allowed to visit him, and he was
subjected to physical and psychological torture.

because the abduction was based on regional backgrounds as the victim is from the northern
governorates of Yemen.

ā€œRasd Coalitionā€ interviewed one of the childā€™s relatives and interviewed his father by phone, and obtained documents for the child and a personal photo. On Friday, security forces raided his brother (A)’s house in the new city of Enmaa, and they took the child and two of his relatives to Al-Basateen Police Prison, under the pretext that they are cells affiliated with the Houthi group, and he is still detained until the date of documenting the case on February 28, 2023.
(J), with the start of the studentā€™s summer vacation, had come down from his hometown in Dhamar
Governorate to the city of Aden and settled in the house of his brother (A) and worked with him in selling
Qat, and since his arrest, he was made to disappear for a year and a few months until he appeared in Bir
Ahmed prison.
(H), who was arrested with (J), says that we were surprised by a security force that raided the house and
arrested us, while Jaber was detained next to me at Basateen police station. I saw the recruits beating, tying, and hanging (J) from the roof of the cell, and we stayed together for two days before they separated us. (J)’s father stated that his son went down to Aden city to help his brother sell Qat, and he was arrested from inside the house and stayed in the Basateen police prison for two days, and we do not know where they took him for a year and a half until they appeared in Bir Ahmed prison, and he added that his son was arrested and tortured, and disappeared because he is from the northern regions, and he was accused of being a spy with the Houthi group. My child was arrested when he was 14 years old, and now he is 16 years old, and they put him among the adult prisoners, not in a section designated for children. The father of the child says that we learned from one of those who were imprisoned next to his child that he is being tortured by beating, insulting, hanging him by the hands, blindfolding him, and pouring cold water on his body. They also brought his older brother and tortured him while the child watched his brotherā€™s torture. They denied us visitation, and I am worried that they will arrest us if we visited him, the father added.

Recommendations: The Southern Transitional Council and the Security Belt forces must stop arresting for regional reasons, and (J) must be released, compensated for what happened to him, and psychologically rehabilitated and financially supported.